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What REALLY Turns People On (Explained by SCIENCE)


Published On  3 months ago

The struggle to attract the opposite sex is something that humanity has struggled with since the beginning. Finding others to carry on your genes, and continue humanity, is the core instinctual purpose of most human beings to this day. Countless tomes and other guides have been written on how to attract the opposite sex, but much, or most of it, is based in theory or feeling. However, scientists have also spent a lot of time over the years studying attraction, and how it affects us on a cognitive level. These studies have led them to understand many ways that you can use scientifically proven methods to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex.

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10. Own A Dog Or A Cat — Taking Dogs For Walks Especially Helps a Lot
9. The Color Red Evokes Passion In People And Can Help Contribute To Attraction
8. Smell Can Be A Huge Signifier, But Not Necessarily The Smell Of Your Cologne
7. The Pitch Of Your Voice Can Make A Huge Difference, For Both Genders
6. Blue Eyes Are Likely Considered Attractive Because They Made People Stand Out
5. People With Symmetrical Faces Are Considered More Attractive In General
4. Intelligence Can Be Far Greater A Signifier Of Attraction Than Many People Realize
3. Preference Of Masculine Or Feminine Faces Is Based On A Lot Of Different Factors
2. For Some People, A Meaningful Emotional Connection Is The Only Thing To Turn Them On
1. People Tend To Often Be Attracted To People They Think They Cannot Have

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